Join the world famous Mystery Cafe & Pastimes on a Boston Harbor Cruise for a voyage you’ll never forget…

Climb aboard for a thrilling, frightening, and fun journey into terror – on the one, the only – Boston Ghost Cruise!

As you sail over the deep, dark waters of Boston Harbor, return to the days when Boston ruled the seas and smugglers, pirates, patriots, plunderers, redcoats, wreckers, and wraiths populated the harbor.

See the actual sites and witness true tales of bloody betrayal, disastrous shipwrecks, gruesome executions, and of course, terrifying encounters with Ghosts and Specters!

Hear tales told by our professional troupe of Ghouls – 18th century privateers and sailors, fishwives and doxies. They bring the legends and folklore of Boston and Mass Bay to vivid life-or-death!

Hear the lap of the water against the hull of our ship, feel the salt air in the harbor, see crumbling fortresses, or islands and jagged rocks where so many have perished and some have returned from their watery graves…

Do you dare to experience these real tales of terror in the very places they happened?

Boston Ghost CruiseWitness and Experience:

  • “Come Away” – the Puritan Spirit
  • The Sea Serpent of Mass Bay
  • The Horrid Death of Captain Green
  • Vampire of Boston
  • Stormbringer
  • Ghost Walk and the Tragedy of Boston Light
  • Phantom Ships
  • Bostons Most Infamous Ghost – The Lady in Black
  • The Hanging of the Dread Pirate Fly

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