The Boston Ghost Cruise recreates the stories of actual haunted sites in Boston Harbor in a way that gives an all too real experience of the time period with characters using professional actors in costume and our tour is both enlightening and entertaining.

The Boston Ghost Cruise is produced by David Goldstein, founder of Comedy Theater Productions, producers of the Mystery Cafe and written and directed by David Stickney, founder of Pastimes, combining the two leaders of Interactive Entertainment in New England on one project designed for your enjoyment.

David Goldstein is an innovator in interactive entertainment creating America’s Original Murder Mystery Dinner Theater as well as the Boston Harbor Mystery Cruise. David saw the opportunity to take the ghost tour to the next level in Boston as Boston’s Best Ghost Stories as you will hear, happened on Boston Harbor. David has also produced Jazz cruises, Salsa Cruises and has been producing entertainment on Boston Harbor for over 20 years.

David Stickney is one of the finest performers in New England is the writer and director of the Boston Ghost Cruise after spending 7 years as the lead performer on Boston’s Famous Ghost & Gravestones tour. Pastimes is also the creator of the New England Pirate Fare which is held in June at Stage Fort Park in Gloucester and Castle of the Damned at Hammond Castle in Gloucester, voted scariest haunted attraction in New England.

Both Davids are very excited about the Boston Ghost Cruise and will be posting photos and stories of the passengers of our inaugural season as we cruise towards the Best Ghost Stories in Boston. DNS
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